Andrea Stroh Thompson

To win, I will need your help. We need to install signs, walk neighborhoods, call voters, stuff envelopes, and most importantly bring friends to the polls to vote. I also need financial support, of any size, which will be greatly appreciated and critical to the success of this campaign. If my husband Kent and I can count on your support, please fill out the information below so we can add you to my list of supporters.

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I am asking for your vote and support to serve as Judge of the 416th Judicial District Court.  I have the legal background and the proven conservative track record to succeed.

It seems like just yesterday the District Judges in Collin County honored me with their unanimous appointment to the position of District Clerk.  They called me to serve our county at a time when the District Clerk’s office was in crisis.   I answered that call.  I used my legal expertise, business knowledge, and civic and volunteering experience to provide:

  • Ethical leadership to restore public confidence in the office.
  • Effective leadership to provide high quality services.
  • Fiscal leadership that is respectful of taxpayer’s dollars.

Balanced accounts and clean audits were sadly lacking when I took office. Today they are the norm.  I saved the citizens of our county hundreds of thousands of dollars by changing processes and materials utilized; leading to greater efficiencies, saving time and money.  On 1/1/14, I led the District Clerk’s office through the greatest transition in its history, by moving to a paperless court environment and implementing mandatory electronic filing for attorneys.  My business and legal experience proved essential in transitioning to this electronic system, improving interaction between my office, the courts, and the public.

The District Clerk’s office is on a clear path to continued success, which is why I am now asking for your support to return to my roots in the law by serving as Judge of the 416th Judicial District Court.

Almost twice as many Family Law Cases are filed in Collin County as Civil or Criminal.  Family Law experience is critical to solve the complexities of family violence, child support obligations, divorce, adoption and CPS cases.  My entire legal career focused on these complex problems and finding solutions that preserved not just families, but their finances. This critical experience will serve our citizens well.

I humbly ask for your vote on March 1, 2016.  I would love the chance to discuss my qualifications with you, please feel free to call my cell phone at 972-679-5090.

Andrea Thompson